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Electric vacuum pump for car brake system.

The autotoptec vacuum pump provides independent vacuum support to the brake system, even when the combustion engine cannot provide sufficient vacuum for a braking impulse. The autotoptec vacuum pump reduces fuel consumption, reduces pollutant emissions and ensures reliable braking of the vehicle, even if the combustion engine is switched off.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump autotoptec UP28B/ UP29 - Additional vacuum pumps.

During driving conditions where the combustion engine cannot provide enough vacuum for emergency braking, the UP 28/29 maintains the brake booster with vacuum.

Vacuum pump UP 30 - Self-contained pump
When the engine cannot provide vacuum (Hybrid, Diesel, fuel cells), UP 30 creates the necessary vacuum to support the brake system.

Features and technical data:
• Significantly reduces fuel consumption
• Can be used on any type of vehicle (hybrid / fuel cell, etc.)
• Does not require maintenance
• Operating voltage: 10.5V - 16V
• Current consumption: ? 10 A @ 13 V
• Operating temperature: - 40 °C … + 100 °C (< 20 min. up to + 120 °C)
• Altitude: 0 to 9843+ feet / 0 to 3000+ meters
• Vacuum: 7.3psi / 500mbar vac in ? 5.0 sec
• Maximum vacuum level ? 86% (below ambient pressure)
• Pneumatics: 3.2 liters
• Service life: > 600 hours
• Duty cycles: > 450,000
• Dimensions: 137 x 124 mm

Environmental compatibility:
Water, ethylene glycol, gear oil, gasoline, diesel fuel,
engine oils, DOT 3/4 brake fluid, thinners.

Electrical connection:
Wire length: 180mm
Pin1 = red wire = positive
Pin2 = gray wire = ground


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